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Keep Your Tanks Full

by Greg Richards

My family recently returned from spending a week in the mountains of Colorado where we fished, hiked, golfed, read books, took naps, and even rode a train to the top of a mountain and rafted to the bottom. I’ve taken family vacations in the past where we were so busy, it seemed like we needed […]

Where’s The Honor?

by Greg Richards

This weekend we will honor our mothers. People will scramble to fill our meager offering of local restaurants on Sunday. Others will cook out and man their kitchens, all in an effort to keep mom from cooking on her special day. When June gets here, we will honor our dads on their special day as […]

When You Pray

by Greg Richards

As a pastor, I get the opportunity to pray for a lot of different people on a daily basis. I’ve tried to make a practice of praying for people “in the moment”. Whether on the phone, at a restaurant, in a parking lot or standing in line at the grocery store, without making a spectacle […]