Have you ever wondered how we can so easily consume several baskets of chips and salsa, and then put away a couple of pounds of fajitas with rice and beans, maybe even toss back a margarita, only to stand at the cash register miserably full and reach for a pecan praline?

It’s pretty apparent that we were created with certain cravings or tastes that can only be satisfied by certain flavors. I don’t know many normal people who don’t crave great Mexican food. Crunchy chips with salsa and spicy flank steak fajitas make my mouth water even if its only breakfast time. It all hits the spot and satisfies in a unique way. A salty margarita targets the palate in a way that the fajitas can’t. Then there’s the pecan praline with its sweet brown sugar flavor and chewy pecans that satisfies our sweet tooth like a little taste of heaven, or so it seems.

I believe God created all of us with certain consolable longings that can only be satisfied by things in this world. I also believe we were all created with inconsolable longings that can only by satisfied by the Lord himself. We often attempt to satisfy those spiritual appetites with earthly things only to be left unsatisfied and discontent spiritually. When this happens, we aren’t sure what we even want; we just know that we have a craving for something more. Ecclesiastes 3 says that God put a longing for eternity in our hearts.

We’re also encouraged in 1 Peter to get in touch with our desire for spiritual things, “having tasted and seen that the Lord is good”. It’s as if we all have a sweet tooth in the spirit that can only be satisfied by God himself. There’s not enough pecan pralines, Easter candy or even those amazing little Bundtini cup cakes that can quench the desire inside of us for the eternal.

Make plans to locate a life-giving church this Easter and taste and see that the Lord is good!


Greg Richards is lead pastor of Life Church, located on the square in Kaufman. For more info go to YourLifeChurch.com